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Blue on Blue                                                  See Lyrics

'Blue on Blue' is a Bamboo Gang era song.  Like pretty much everything else that Bob wrote during this time, his lyrics were typically very positive and uplifting - 'Glass half full' type of sentiments - and this song is no exception.


"...When someone starts to get to you, just let it pass

Put one hand on the steering wheel and both feet on the gas..."


Very satisfying to finally get it finished and recorde



Older Demo Version

Critic Critic                                                         See Lyrics

Older Live Version

‘Critic Critic’ was a pretty early on Rings song.  We’re thinking 1978/1979.  The only version of it that we remember recording in a studio environment was a live performance captured at Intermedia Studios on Newbury Street in Boston and broadcast live on WBCN.  YOU try singing this song at 9:00am on Sunday morning!  Definitely a reflection of the Punk / New Wave influence we fully embraced at the time.


A little trivia:  Inter media Studios was eventually bought by the Cars and re-launched as Synchro Sound.

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Stop the Clock                                                 See Lyrics

We think ‘Stop the Clock’ was written for Bamboo Gang, but it is hard to be certain because we have been unable to find the original demo.  If the original recording was a rehearsal space recording we’d know when it was written by who was playing on it.  We also don’t have any recollection of the song ever being played out live.  If anyone out there remembers seeing us play it we’d love to hear from you.  Send your recollections to

We have reworked, rearranged and re-recorded it.

Album track

Got My Wish                                                     See Lyrics

Older Live Version

Got My Wish (Link to the Rings’  album version on iTunes)


This song was originally recorded by the Rings and can be found on the Rings’ first MCA album.  ‘I Got My Wish’ was always a live crowd favorite, but Mark felt that the album version could have soared to greater heights and was compelled to re-work the arrangement to achieve that musical goal.  To our way of thinking, mission accomplished.


To those who are familiar with the original, weigh in.  Send your feedback to us at


Older Live Version

Do Not Tear Down                                       See Lyrics 

Older Live Version

A little background info on Do Not Tear Down

 In the band’s quest to establish a relationship with a record label Bamboo Gang recorded 2 sets of demos.  The first set saw the songs ‘Shake Yourself Awake’, ‘Stand Up’, and the tongue in cheek ‘Wack-a-Shark’ completed.  Very well recorded and mixed by the untouchable Walter Turbitt at Blue Jay Studio SO!  No unfinished business there.  These performances may be posted here at
at a later date.

 The second set of demos included the songs ‘I’m In My Way’, ‘Do Right/Stay Right by Me’, I’m Not Afraid’, ‘Search the Clubs’, and the now completed ‘Do Not Tear Down’. 
'Do Not Tear Down" was also performed by The Wickermen. The older live version posted here is from a live album recorded at Bunratty's
We believe that Locating Rollie succeeded in giving the song the wallop that was hinted at in the original demo and then some.


Crazy Parade                                                See Lyrics

Written during the Bamboo Gang era.  1983-84.  A beautiful song about life and living.  Anyone who came to see Bamboo Gang perform heard us play this song.

 The song was originally called 'Amazing Parade', but when we rolled our sleeves up and started to record it in earnest it became obvious that singing a 3 syllable word like 'Amazing' before the word 'Parade' forced you to sing the word Parade as Praid.  It felt clumsy and forced. So  we changed the word 'Amazing' to 'Crazy' and never looked back.


Never Gonna Hear It                                 See Lyrics

Older Demo Version

Another song that was a staple of the Rings’ live show.  This song was a blast to play live.  We hear just a little, just a smidge of Elvis Costello influence in the chorus.  We didn’t feel that way when the song was written, but we were big Elvis Costello fans at the time so it is not surprising that his influence would seep in.  We are at a loss trying to remember why this song didn’t make the cut during the MCA recording years but c’est la vie.

But that's OK ,cuz we own it!


Love's Not Safe                                              See Lyrics  

Love’s Not Safe (Link to the Rings’ version on iTunes)


The original recording of this song, penned by Bob, became the second to last song on side 2 of the Rings’ 2nd MCA album, ‘The Rhythm Method’.  That version of the song was a pretty hard rockin’ affair, but when Mark looked solely at the lyrics with fresh eyes a ballad presented itself.  Mark formed it out that way, Bob tried it on, and it fit.  Not better than the original, just a different take on it.

Search The Clubs                                        See Lyrics  

As previously noted, Search the Clubs was one of 5 songs recorded as demos by Bamboo Gang.  You’ll hear the same instrumentation and demo recording approach used on ‘Do Not Tear Down’.


The other 4 songs in this demo project are being finished and the result is expected to be included in the follow up to ‘Crazy Parade’.

Animal Boy (Machine Head Man)             See Lyrics

“Written during the Wickermen era. 1985-86.

The Wickermen were a power trio. John Neidhart played bass in the band and the rig he played through was no joke and took took no prisoners. The Wickermen was a much louder, snottier band than Bamboo Gang or the Rings, and we think our 2014 take on 'Animal Boy (Machine Head Man)' is true to that aesthetic.

When playing THIS version of the song we recommend that you TURN IT UP!”


A rehearsal tape of the song recorded when the band was still in the process of piecing the song together is posted here on this Soundcloud page.

Drink The Wine                                               See Lyrics

This song was originally recorded and released as part of a live performance, recorded live at Bunrattys, and sold by the band as a cassette.  The album is called ‘Harvest’.


For all of us living in this world, losing and missing those who’ve gone before us is inevitable, something that will come to pass, but at this point in our lives the reality of that is here, now, making the song even more meaningful to us today than it was when it was when Bob penned the lyric as a younger man.


Raise a glass of whatever you are drinking these days

and we hope you will sing along!


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Recording the songs on the ‘Crazy Parade’ album was a labor of love driven by a desire to finish what we

 left unfinished so many years ago.  What we have here on this page are the original recordings of these

songs posted side by side with the finished work. We will post one new track from the album once a week.


These recordings have been pulled off of old cassettes that have seen better days, so the audio is very

much compromised, but they are still fun to listen to, particularly when they are compared to the master

quality versions, and especially for those who were part of the Rings, Bamboo Gang, or Wickermen



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