THE RINGS   1978-1982

The most successful of the 3 bands that Gifford and Sutton wrote for.


Two guitars, bass, and drums.

Born in the basement of “Belle Rive”.


Signed to MCA in 1980, the Rings made 2 albums for that label.

The Rings’ MCA Records video

for the song “Let Me Go”.         Play Video



Michael Baker  Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter

Bob Gifford  Bass, Vocals, Songwriter

Mark Sutton  Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Songwriter

Matt Thurber  Drums, Vocals, Songwriter


Bob “Woody” Woodbury

(Honorable mention: Original drummer)

The history of the Rings as very accurately

pieced together by journalist Alan Lewis in 2001.

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The Rings MCA promo photo