Bob's Washburn bass and Mark's Les Paul Guitar
Bob Gifford of LocatingRollie

Locating Rollie is a collection of songs that come from the eclectic musical minds of Bob Gifford and Mark Sutton.


The Boston music scene at that time was super vibrant. Not only were there places to play everywhere, the audiences expected to be served up original music.


Over the next decade Gifford and Sutton went on to work together in 3 bands that achieved some notoriety in the Boston music scene at that time – The Rings, Bamboo Gang, and The Wickermen - writing literally dozens of songs together over those years.


Some of these songs were recorded professionally, some of them were recorded as demos, but most of them made their way out of the rehearsal room only as live recordings on audio cassette tapes.


Writing together came to an end in 1986.

In 2010 Mark reached out to Bob, suggesting that the two of them re-record some of the music they had recorded together in the past, but Bob had a better idea.  He proposed recording the songs that were never formally finished.


They are now doing both, and this renewed musical collaboration is called…


…Locating Rollie.



Mark Sutton of LocatingRollie