Bamboo Gang promo photo

Yvette Battle Cole

Ann Marie Foley

Greg Lyons

Joe Wolvek


Bamboo Gang 1983-1985


A post Rings big, fat, 80’s dance band.  Two guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, background singers, drum machines, sequencers…all of it.


Regrettably, no major label relationship was established, but

a lot of music came out of it.

Mark Sutton  Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter

Bob Gifford  Bass, Vocals, Songwriter

Yvette Battle Cole  Background Vocals

Ann Marie Foley  Background Vocals

Laurie Sutton  Drums

Joe Wolvek  Guitar

Greg Lyons  Keyboards


Matt Thurber Original Drummer for a very short while

Carrie Freidman  Background vocals, replacing Ann Marie Foley



We had some wonderfully creative people who helped us with some promo take a look at these great Bamboo Gang Comix by the immensely talented Larry Blamire.

Bamboo Gang Comix #2      Bamboo Gang Comix #3      Bamboo Gang Comix #4



Bob Gifford

Mark Sutton

Laurie Sutton

Photograph  Shelburne Thurber